John N. Griffin

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Biomedicine

I joined the School of Biological Sciences at UEA in August 2019. I previously held Senior Associate and Postdoctoral research positions at the Duke Center for Human Disease Modeling, the  Yale School of Medicine, and King’s College London, where I developed in vivo and in vitro models of inherited diseases. My research focuses on using state of the art technologies in Xenopus and cell culture model systems to advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying development and disease, with a particular focus on Wnt signalling mechanisms in craniofacial and cardiac formation. 

Please find my full C.V. here

Dr. Irina Fesenko  
Postdoctoral Research Associate 

Research interests:
- Role of evolutionary conserved cell signalling pathways,    cellular microenvironment and cell–cell interactions in embryonic development, tissue maintenance, regeneration and disease.
- Regulation of cell adhesion and polarity. 
- Epithelial morphogenesis.

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